• On 6/2/2021, most of Ohio’s pandemic health orders – mask mandate, capacity limits and social distancing rules expired
  • Such restrictions will no longer be mandated within our facility; however, we are committed to providing a safe and clean environment for our guests and will continue our practices for cleaning and disinfection
  • We encourage and support all guests and staff members to make the best individual decisions for their own health and safety
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​​​About the Facility

Ninja Generations offers the opportunity to experience and train on the obstacles, as seen on NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” TV Show – Bouldering/Climbing, Parkour, Trampoline. Additionally we offer a semi-private fitness center specializing in personal training with experienced certified trainers. We have a dedicated facility to host special events, including but not limited to birthday parties and a variety of kids camps. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran to Ninja Warrior or one of our other offered disciplines, we have the people, equipment and culture at this facility needed to reach your personal goals!

Ninja competitions will be held on a regular basis for our local Ninja Community, these competitions will be for all ages and skill levels. Additionally, we will be hosting National events creating the opportunity to meet and compete with some of the leaders in the sport.

About the Owner

Sean Noel, a Hilliard native and the owner of Ninja Generations, knows a thing or two about what to expect on NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior”.  Having appeared on seasons nine and ten of the national competition, Sean wants to share his expertise in ninja-style obstacle courses and training with the community.  With well-designed replications of American Ninja Warrior courses and obstacles for younger trainees and beginners to train on, Sean has created an environment perfect for all levels of fitness.  While the facility’s base purpose will be to offer ninja training relevant to what is seen in competition, Noel said there will also be plenty to offer for those who simply want a different style of a workout than what is offered at a standard gym.

“We are excited to bring this family-friendly sports entertainment and training form to central Ohio,” he said. “Being a ninja means being free in movement — knowing you have the ability to do something by knowing you’ve trained both your body and your mind.  We created Ninja Generations to inspire physical activity, provide empowering experiences, encourage a sense of adventure, and develop the skill and passion for movement for anyone who is willing to try.”

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