Adult obstacle Classes

Join 2x Obstacle Racing World Medalist Cameron James as he takes you through courses every Friday!

Obstacle Course Racing, or OCR for short, is an endurance sport that involves different distances of trail running with obstacles throughout the course.

These classes will be high-intensity workouts intended to get you in shape and develop the ability to complete obstacles while tired. You’ll learn not only how to complete various obstacles, but how to do them quickly and efficiently. Adults and teens, this is a great class for you! If you are still wondering what these classes will look like, think of what you’d get if Ninja and Crossfit (no lifting, only carries) had a baby!

Classes will be divided by age group. Ages 8-13 will be from 5-6pm and ages 13+ will be from 6-7pm.

This class will be $20.

Class capacity is 30 persons.

Classes begin January 6th and happen every Friday!